New Brunswick makes changes to PNP to welcome more immigrants

This week, the province of New Brunswick made modifications to its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to allow it to attract a greater number of immigrants. Family members of current residents of New Brunswick are now eligible to apply under this PNP if they possess work skills that are in demand in New Brunswick.

Before the changes, there were two categories under the New Brunswick PNP: one category for individuals with job offers in the province and one for those who planned to establish a business in New Brunswick.

There are now three categories:

* Skilled Worker Applicants with Employer Support, for those who have guaranteed job offers from New Brunswick employers;
* Skilled Worker Applicants with Family Support, for those who have family members who have been living and working in New Brunswick for at least one year and who possess skills in demand in the province;
* Business Applicants for individuals who wish to start a business in New Brunswick.

A new requirement was added to the Business Applicants category to ensure that only those who intend to start a business in New Brunswick are nominated under this program. Applicants must now make a conditionally refundable deposit of CDN 75,000 prior to nomination. The deposit will be refunded if the applicant established a business within two years of landing in New Brunswick and operates it for at least one year.

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