New Changes suggested for Canada Immigration Regulations

by Grace - January 15, 2012 

Some new changes have been suggested by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada for improving various procedures that waves the path for hereby leading immigrants to stay and work in the country.
Areas of Change:
The authorities are mostly looking for a change in rules and regulations dealing with Temporary Foreign Workers, Skilled or Professional Workers and also will look into the matters concerning permanent immigration under the Family class category. The change in these rules is expected to bring in more efficacies in the immigration system of the country.
Suggested Changes for Foreign Temporary Workers:
Lately some cases have been reported bringing out the exploitations faced by the overseas temporary workers. Hence to check such incidents have been introduced to protect and maintain the rights these immigrants. This will also ensure they are paid proper remuneration and incase some employers do not comply with rules strict action could be taken against him.
Some changes proposed and implemented during early months of the year 2011 have complied with government objective of fair and exploitation free rules towards the temporary workers in the country. According to it the government took some following strict steps, as per that before higher a temporary worker the employer has to comply with the rules proving that the employment option is for temporary employee only and one should not be exploited. From now on the employers will also be required to maintain and when asked should all their records concerning the overseas employees hired by the business. The business employer is expected to provide all single detail of their organization, their hiring process for foreign workers etc, to the authorities of Citizenship and Immigration department of the country.
If in any of the case employer is not found complying with the rules and regulations or found exploiting the foreign workers in such case employer may have to face a ban of two years and consequently would not be able employ any overseas temporary worker.
Changes Suggested for Skilled or Professional Workers:
Under this category the government has also suggested some changes that were focused to maintain the respect and dignity of the immigration system as well as the professionals coming to work in the country. According to these new rules the Citizenship and Immigration Canada authorities have suggested firstly to raise the minimum standards knowledge of a particular language required to know by the aspirant. The raise suggested aspirant should now obtain 20 points rather than previously required 16 points. They have also proposed to raise the level of education and work experience required for any particular kind of trade or business.
Such changes have been proposed for effective immigration system as well as to achieve economic development of the country.

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