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Some guests who wish to stay in Canada for more than six months may apply for Super Visa to extend their stay. Generally speaking, Canadian government permits visitors to stay only for six months. After that period, you will have to extend your stay, which can cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, there’s a more inexpensive option for those who want to see their children or grandchildren in Canada. These people can simply extend their stay with Super Visa. This is a new concept and it’s easier to get than Temporary Resident Visa. You may ask for this new type of visa even if you’re from a country that doesn’t demand a visa to enter Canada. If you wish to stay for longer than six months, this visa might be the perfect option for you.
The significance of Super Visa Insurance Policy
It’s necessary to know that you can’t get this type of visa if you don’t have medical insurance coverage. While guests and immigrants are usually not required to have medical insurance, it’s highly recommended if you have some kind of insurance to cover medical costs. Furthermore, you will need medical insurance if you wish to obtain this type of visa.
Here are the insurance policy requirements:
The policy must be legitimate for at least a year
The policy must provide minimum insurance of $100,000
The policy should cover a person for health care, hospitalization and returning to their home country (repatriation)
One thing to remember is that you will have to get this policy before you ask for your Super Visa. If you are rejected this status, you will receive a refund. It’s important to know that this insurance policy should be issued from a Canadian insurance company, to secure the government and to make the payment procedure much easier.
Why is Super Visa Insurance Important?
This type of insurance is crucial to have because it’s essential for all visitors in Canada to obtain a health insurance. While Canadian residents have a health insurance, it’s not covered for immigrants and guests. Thus, if you’re not covered, you will be asked to pay full medical costs. Days in a hospital or charges to go back to your home country are quite expensive. You just don’t wish to risk that. This is why it’s often recommendable that you have a health insurance covered. With Super Visa, you won’t need to worry about medical costs simply because you will be covered by your insurance policy.
About Easy Life Insurance Canada
Easy Life Insurance Canada and the online resource,, provide numerous insurance plans for everybody’s needs. They give life, health and travel insurance as well as various investment programs. In this way, you can get all the right info and reliable quotes for all your needs. The website also features a blog with additional info and advice on various types of insurances. Super Visa is just one of numerous insurance plans you can obtain with them.
Current Canadian immigration policy allows for visitors to stay for only six months at a time. If a visitor wants to stay longer they’ll have to apply for an extension which also means paying an additional fee. However, if you are a parent or a grandparent who would like to visit family for an extend stay then you can apply for a visa. The Super Visa allows you to stay up to two years without renewal. The application process for this group of temporary residents is a lot quicker. Typically it might take eight weeks to get a Super Visa as opposed to waiting several years for a Temporary Resident Visa. The goal is to get families together as fast as possible! The Super Visa allows for multiple visits throughout the duration of the visa.

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