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Essential resources for immigrating to Canada

Globe and Mail Update

This list of resources represents only a small collection of websites, groups and organizations dealing with immigration in Canada. Add to this list by submitting your suggestions at the bottom of this page.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada: The Government of Canada's online immigration portal with information on moving to Canada, applying for citizenship and multiculturalism.
  • The Maytree foundation: A Canadian charity focused on reducing poverty in Canada by offering training, networking and other resources.
  • Metropolis Canada: An international research and public policy network focused on immigrant integration in Canada with several provincial divisions.
  • International Experience Canada (IEC): A partnership program with many countries allowing youth to travel to Canada to work, study and explore. French citizens between 18 and 35 can see this program- Suggested by Davor Miskulin and Rob Vineberg, members of the Globe and Mail Advisory Panel on Immigration
  • Canadian Council for Refugees: A non-profit umbrella organization focused on the protection and settlement of refugees in Canada.Suggested by Lori Wilkinson, a member of the Globe and Mail Advisory Panel on Immigration
  • Institute for Canadian Citizenship: A national, non-profit organization focused on helping new citizens by connecting them with established citizens and promoting Canadian experiences.Suggested by Globe reader Jess Duerden.
  • Immigration Business Network (ib2ib): A Canada-wide interactive website for business immigrants settling in Canada. Located in Quebec. Suggested by Globe reader Patricia Rimok.
  • Government of Alberta immigration: The main resource page for living and working in Alberta.
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program: Designed to attract skilled immigrants to the province, these nominee programs work with the federal government, which makes final decisions about applicants.
  • Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council: Works with employers and immigrants in Calgary to help new Canadians find work commensurate with their skills and experience.
  • Catholic Social Services: An agency based in Alberta offering settlement, educational, language, employment and outreach services for free in more than 35 languages. Suggested by Rob Vineberg, a member of the Globe and Mail Advisory Panel on Immigration
British Columbia
  • British Columbia immigration: The main resource page for immigrating to B.C., including information about living, working and studying in the province.
  • Settlement services map: An interactive map containing resources and services for new immigrants in the province.
  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S.: A large social service agency in B.C. providing settlement services, ESL training, employment counseling and community development services to new immigrants.
  • Metropolis British Columbia: A research centre focused on immigration and diversity in B.C.
  • Immigrant Employment Council of B.C. (IEC-BC): Works with businesses to promote the benefits of integrating immigrants into the province's labour market. Helps businesses attract, hire and retain skilled immigrants. Suggested by Globe reader Roley Chiu.
  • Immigrate to Manitoba: The Government of Manitoba's official web portal for information about immigrating and settling in the province
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: A partnership with the Government of Canada intended to recruit skilled workers to the province.
  • Immigrant Centre: A resource and training centre in Winnipeg focused on helping new immigrants integrate within the province.
  • Business Council of Manitoba: A group of professionals in Manitoba focused on the province's economic and community growth, including immigration policy. Suggested by Rob Vineberg, a member of the Globe and Mail Advisory panel on Immigration
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories
  • NWT Nominee Program: A program allowing qualified individuals, business owners and self-employed immigrants to obtain permanent residency in a shorter time than the usual process.

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