Now, Canada Visa Renewals can be done within Canada

Canadian visa for single entry
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Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced that Canadian temporary residents that hold a valid Study or Work permit, can have their visa renewed from within Canada. They may apply for a renewal counterfoil at the Case Processing Pilot Office - Ottawa (CPP-O).

As per the Immigration rules, the temporary resident visa (TRV) can only be issued by a Canadian visa office (outside of Canada). This is a logical system as the TRV (visa counterfoil pasted in passport) serves as the official permit for Non Canadians (i.e. foreign nationals) to enter Canada.

Since a long time, however, this created a challenge for Temporary residents already in Canada in renewing the TRV, that would allow them to leave and re-enter Canada during their period of study or work. While a valid work or study permit allows them to reside in Canada, it does not allow re-entry, should they travel outside of Canada. It must be noted here that they were able to renew or extend their status from an immigration office located within Canada by applying for a new Work or Study permit.

The visa office in Buffalo, NY, USA, located near the Niagara Falls border accepted a large number of TRV applications from such individuals and was the most popular of the 6 Canadian visa offices in the USA. Since the office also offered a same-day service till recently, many applicants, with ability to enter USA would make a trek to Buffalo (known as Buffalo Shuffle). Following the closure of the Buffalo office this week, the Buffalo shuffle as well as the need to apply at Buffalo ended.

As per the official announcement, the visa renewals will be henceforth done at an immigration office in Canada, through the CPP-O. This pilot project will allow those already holding a valid work or study permit to apply for a new TRV counterfoil at CPP-O. CPP-O is an extension of CIC's overseas visa network, and supports the re-alignment of CIC's North American processing network.

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