37 Million Indians Desire To Move To Canada Permanently: Report

Canadian visa for single entry
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By Tendar Tsering | March 27, 2013 2:21 AM PDT
A recent poll conducted by the Gallup opinion poll agency said that about 37 million Indians dream to move out of their country and settle down in Canada permanently
Canada remains among the top destination for potential migrants from IndiaChina, Philippines, Africa and others.
The poll comes at a time when the Canadian immigration department in recent weeks said that more people than ever before from Asian countries are moving to study, work and settle in the country.
Canadian federal government last year issued a high number of visas to migrants from China, Philippine and India.

Canada in 2012 granted 32,990 permanent residents and 235,000 visiting visas to the Chinese applicants.
32,704 Philippines were given residential permits and 44,000  others given visitor visas making Philippine the second largest source country for immigration to Canada.
With 28,889 residents admitted and 130,000 visiting visas granted, India was the third largest source country for immigration to Canada.
In view of creating more jobs amid global economic crisis, the Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in a statement said that the federal government targets to accelerate the visa issuing process to attract more and genuine foreign visitors.
"The government is committed to attracting an increasing number of visitors to Canada as part of our plan to grow the Canadian economy and create jobs," said Jason Kenney. "We strive to issue visas as quickly as possible to facilitate travel for genuine visitors - to welcome tourists, to reunite families - and benefit from the economic spinoff they bring to Canada."
The immigration department noted that last year's immigration record shows an increase of almost 40% since 2004.
Citing economic opportunities, the opinion poll agency said that the U.S. remains the favorite destination for the potential immigrants.
According to the agency, around 630 million people roughly from 138 countries said that they would like to leave their country and settle down somewhere else.
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