Skills may be rated before immigrants arrive here

In an effort to address issues surrounding foreign credential recognition, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has proposed a plan to assess skilled workers before they arrive in Canada.
For instance, immigrants applying to come to Canada as federal skilled workers would have their education credentials verified by a third party.
If adopted, the plan would give newcomers a sense of how their credentials stack up against someone with a similar Canadian education. It's also expected any new policy would screen out those who don't have adequate levels of education.
Kenney ultimately hopes it will address the problem of immigrants arriving in Canada only to discover they can't work in their respective field.
"Our government is building an immigration system that is focused on economic growth and ensuring that all Canadians, including immigrants are able to contribute to their maximum capacity," Kenney said Wednesday. "By having their foreign education credentials assessed before their arrival to Canada, foreign skilled workers will have a better sense of how their credentials fit into the Canadian labour market and will be able to contribute their full skill set to the economy more quickly."
The pre-arrival assessment does not guarantee the applicant will find work in Canada commensurate with their skills nor does it guarantee they'd become licensed in their field.

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