Long- term Multiple-Entry visas to Canada.

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has recently confirmed that the issuance of long-term (up to 10 years) multiple-entry visas is now the norm for temporary resident visas (TRVs).
The new policy aims to ease travel for “low-risk” frequent visitors to Canada (such as business travellers) who are citizens of visa-required countries and to make better use of government resources by reducing the use of visa offices.
Until recently, multiple-entry TRVs were issued for a maximum of five years at a time.  The new policy reflects the reality that countries are increasingly issuing passports which are valid for 10 years.
While the ultimate duration of a TRV depends on the circumstances of each case and remains at the discretion of the visa officer, according to operational instructions recently released by CIC, as long-term multiple-entry visas are now to be considered the “norm”, officers who issue a single-entry visa, or a multiple-entry visa for less than the full validity period of the passport (up to 10 years), must provide written reasons for doing so in their case notes.
The new policy will be welcomed by employers in visa-required countries who frequently send employees to Canada for meetings or other business-related activities.

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