Modern Autobody Paris Texas
Modern Autobody Paris Texas (Photo credit: In Paris Texas)
NOC                                         7322
Number of Positions               6
Years of Experience:               5+ years
Education:                               Trade school for Autobody Repairers
English Level:                          Active
Preferred Countries:               No Preference
Needed by:                              ASAP
Length of Contract:                 2 years
Location:                                 Edmonton, AB
Starting Wage:                        32/hour
Type of Immigration:              LMO, AIT and Work Permit (Applicants will have to be approved for certification by an Alberta trade association before applying for a work permit) 
Perm. Residence:                    Potentially
Employer pays for:                  Immigration Assistance with WP, Relocation & Settlement, and flight (reimbursed after 3 months of work)
Employee pays for:                 $450 AIT Certification Fee, $155 for Work Permit Fee, accommodation, day-to-day expenses

Autobody Technicians in the Autobody Repairer branch of the trade do frame and body structural repairs, body sheet metal work, plastic repairs, component replacement and alignment. Autobody Repairers are also responsible for restoring the structural integrity of the damaged vehicle during the repair process. This generally involves cutting away damaged components and welding in new or recycled replacements.
The successful candidate will enjoy working in a team environment and feel motivated to strive for continuous improvement. We offer a stable work environment and the opportunity to advance within the company; other perks include Health & Dental Benefits, Vision Care and Disability coverage. Compensation is based on skills, ability and performance – wages range from $32/h CAD (Starting Wage) - $40/h CAD. Standard work schedule is Monday to Friday, not including weekends. 
·         Never repair a vehicle without a police sticker if the damage exceeds $2,000
·         Read and verify the repair plan and perform all tasks listed for delivery date
·         Inspect all parts for damage and correctness; report all missed, hidden or prior damages BEFORE REPAIRS ARE STARTED
·         Ensure that a panel we are paid to do is PERFECT and rust proofed
·         Close car windows and doors during repairs to reduce the amount of dust in the vehicle, cover the seat and do no place tools or parts in the interior
·         Ensure proper use of frame measuring system and perform the repairs to the exact factory specifications
·         If painting is required, inform the Quality Control Coordinator
·         Repairs under mouldings, glass, bumpers, etc. are to be of the same quality as the rest of the vehicle
·         Do not splice unless pre-authorised (rad supports, quarter, partial replace, aprons, door)
·         Remove all combustible material from the welding area; cover glass, dash and wiring with welding blankets
·         Apply the epoxy primer over rusting areas before applying the body filler or fiberglass
·         Finish welds to ensure there are no pinholes or grinder marks; inspect for strength and appearance
·         Final assembly to be done after painting to ensure concealed areas have the same quality of paint – NO SPRAY BOMBS
·         Eliminate dents from the sheet metal as well as possible to ensure the least amount of filler is used; grind paint back a minimum of 2” from the filled area
·         No metal bonding of truck box panels allowed; only partial bonding plus welding of roof skins, door skins and quarter panels
·         Auto Body Technician Journeyman Certificate (Completion of Journeyman Certificate that includes Prepper, Refinisher and Repairer) or equivalent
·         Complete working knowledge of the trade and related equipment along with the ability to apply the knowledge in diagnosis and repair work  
·         Able to understand, communicate, read and write English at a level needed to meet job related task and safety requirements
·         MUST have your own tools (the company will assist with purchasing tools by providing finances and the worker will pay back)
·         The ability to think logically and keep up with changes in technology  
·         Knowledge and understanding of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental standards and procedures and a commitment to safe work habits  
·         Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and time management skills required  
·         Demonstrated ability to fulfill team objectives as an active positive employee and co-worker 

·         Strength and stamina required to handle heavy tools, manual dexterity, creativity, patience and a keen eye for detail. Please send your resume to

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