How is Canada’s immigration system different from the U.S.?

New open spots for restaurants in Canada.

Currently, we are looking for the following positions

1. Fast food: Food Service Supervisor - 

2. Fast Food: Cook

3. Perfection Paint & Body_Automobile Mechanic

4. Restaurant- Chef

5. Restaurant - Cook

6. Restaurant and Bar - Cook

7. Restaurant & Bar - Food Service Supervisor.

All Candidates should send us : 
1 .Resume in English only.

2. Correct reference letters  with :

-          printed on company letterhead
-          your job position and dates of employment;
-          hourly and yearly wage;
-          main duties/responsibilities (in detail);
-          the number of hours you worked each week
-          the contact information and signature of your supervisor or manager

We also will require the followings documents

3. Passport scan ( applicant, spouse, and kids if available ) 

4. Post-secondary education ( Diploma and transcripts copy of original and translation to English) 

Please send the scanned documents to our email address at If you need a sample of a Canadian Resume, let us know and we can send you some templates for your reference.

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