Moving to Canada from the USA:Permanent Immigration to Canada.

Express Entry

A major advantage of the Express Entry immigration selection system is that applications are processed within six months. Through Express Entry, American citizens can go from merely thinking about moving to Canada to living and working here as permanent residents in well under a year. Moreover, American citizens typically have a strong chance of being invited to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry, thanks to strong language skills, the probability of having obtained skilled work experience, and the higher education that they may have completed earlier in life.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Much like the United States, Canada is sub-divided into different jurisdictions, known as provinces. These provinces are, in some ways, similar to the various states that make up the United States. Unlike states in the U.S., however, Canadian provinces have a significant say in which new immigrants come and settle in the particular provinces. Indeed, over recent years, many American legislators and commentators have asked publicly why the U.S. can't emulate the success that Canada has had in decentralizing its economic immigration system. The Provincial Nominee Programs may be a useful starting point for Americans who know which province they wish to move to, as well as others who have specific skill sets and work experience that certain provinces are looking for.

Immigration to Quebec

Quebec is a distinct case within the Canadian landscape. As Canada's only majority French-speaking province, many U.S. citizens may not initially jump at the opportunity to relocate to Quebec, but here are just a few reasons why the province deserves, at least, a second look:
  • Quebec is home to the metropolis of Montreal, known for its laid-back European-style joie de vivre. Montreal has a large English-speaking population, a relatively low cost of living, and the second-highest per capita student population of any city in North America. The U.S.–Canada border is also just a 45-minute drive from downtown Montreal.
  • For decades, Quebec has more closely modeled itself on the mixed economies and strong welfare states of Northern Europe. Quebec is the land of heavily subsidized day care for children and huge public investment in education, jobs training, and retirement costs while also retaining a business-friendly environment.
  • The major towns and cities of Quebec are just a few hours' drive from Boston and New York City. The New England region and upstate New York are even closer, and further afield, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Buffalo are all within a day's drive.

Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship

A large percentage of American immigrants to Canada arrive after being sponsored by a Canadian spouse or common-law partner. Canada and the U.S., after all, are the best of neighbors (neighbors), and many Americans and Canadians become the best of friends. The current Liberal Government of Canada places particular emphasis on what is commonly known as family reunification or family sponsorship, and the spousal/common-law route is one pathway to Canadian immigration under this category. The government is also working on reducing processing times under this immigration category.
Furthermore, Canada recognizes same-sex marriage. Same-sex partners may be eligible to apply to reunite in Canada, provided they meet all eligibility requirements.

Business Immigration to Canada

Through the Business Class immigration programs, Canada aims to attract individuals that have a significant ability to contribute to the Canadian economy. With a diverse market-based economy and workplace values that American business people would recognize, Canada presents an abundance of opportunity for investment and entrepreneurship.
  • Provincial Business/Entrepreneur Programs

    Canadian provinces have a significant say in which economic migrants settle in their jurisdictions, and many of them are looking for energetic and innovative entrepreneurs to help grown their economies. British Columbia, for example, has a new entrepreneur immigration program for individuals with a minimum net worth of CAD$600,000 (around USD$450,000, as of March 2016); this program presents unique business opportunities in one of Canada's most beautiful and mild provinces, which also happens to be the province with the highest projected jobs growth over the coming years. The province of Ontario — home to Canada's largest city, Toronto, and capital city, Ottawa — also has a new Entrepreneur Stream for individuals with a minimum net worth of CAD$800,000 to $1,500,000 (around USD$600,000 to $1.14m), as well as a Corporate Stream for established international corporations looking to expand into Ontario or buy an existing business. Manitoba's Business Investor immigration stream requires a net worth of only CAD$350,000 (USD$265,000), while in Nova Scotia, a newEntrepreneur Stream is attracting attention from Americans who wish to grow their portfolios in this stunning East Coast province.
  • Federal Business/Investor Immigration

    The goal of Canada's federal business immigration programs is to attract investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals from outside Canada with venture capital, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills — attributes that American citizens have in abundance.
    • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program: The IIVC accepts applications from high net worth international investors who possess the necessary skills and abilities to contribute to the Canadian economy and to become well integrated into Canadian society.
    • Entrepreneur Start-up Visa Program: This program encourages entrepreneurs to grow their companies in Canada. Successful applicants link with private sector organizations in Canada, where they can receive funding, guidance and expertise in the opening and operating their enterprise in Canada.
    • Self-Employed Persons Program: This program seeks to bring people who will become self-employed in Canada. Applicants must have either relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics, or experience in farm management.
  • Quebec Business/Investor Immigration

    The province of Quebec presents some interesting business immigration options for American citizens.
    • Quebec Investor Program: This program allows individuals with a net worth of at least CAD$1.6 million and managerial experience to make a government-secured investment of CAD$800,000 for five years. Financing of this investment is available through Canadian financial institutions.
    • Quebec Entrepreneur Program: To qualify as an entrepreneur, an individual must have a net worth of at least CAD$300,000, have managerial experience in a business that they either owned or controlled and be willing and able to establish or acquire a business in Quebec, which will create at least one incremental job in Quebec.
    • Quebec Self-Employed Person Program: Under this program, self-employed persons must have a net worth of at least CAD$100,000 and must have work experience in the profession or trade that they intend to practice in Quebec.
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