1. Get an idea of your potential GPA equivalency by using this free tool: iGPA Calculator.
  1. Compare the colleges and universities in the country where you will be studying.
  1. Before committing, you can try international learning through a summertime study abroad program.
  1. Explore opportunities to fund your education in Canada.
  1. Make sure your college application is filled out correctly and makes you a competitive candidate.
  1. You will want to be completely prepared for your Study visa interview!
  1. Find out what health insurance is available to international students.
  1. Learn how you can expand your comfort zone to make new friends in North America.
  1. Contact your school to see if they require a credential evaluation and whether they have a preferred company for supplying this degree equivalency report.
  1. Use the Scholarship Finder to help you find financial aid and other opportunities to pay for school.
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  1. Find out what you can add to today’s skills-based economy in North America. How can you continue to be a valuable asset to your company in the long-term?
  1. It never hurts to continue your professional development. Start by honestly assessing your current job skills. If necessary, seek additional training to make you a more valuable employee.
  1. Learn how to market your international education. Employers typically take less than 20 seconds to review your application for employment. Make the decision to hire you as easy as possible.
  1. You should also read about what North American employers seek in a top candidate.
  1. When entering negotiations about your position, do not forget to mention your credential evaluation and overseas training. This can help you secure a higher salary.
  1. Find out if you have the skills and training necessary to excel in a technologically advanced workplace. How can you demonstrate those skills in a profitable way?
  1. Volunteering is a fantastic way to make connections in your community, expand your professional network, and gain access to free training and development opportunities.
  1. Networking, in general, is a sure way to promote your skills, build your confidence, and grow your resources.
  1. You should also focus on networking with your own colleagues. Focus on developing interpersonal skills and utilizing strong communication habits at work.
  1. Once you have a good job, always consider your next steps. Prepare to take your career to the next level.

Top ten tips for people immigrating to Canada.

  1. Work on improving your Express Entry score before applying for permanent residency in Canada.
  1. Take a practice test for the International English Language Testing Exam (IELTS) to see if you need to work on your English before immigrating to Canada.
  1. There are also several provinces where it will benefit you to brush up on your French.
  1. Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories—each with its own immigration policies. Learn about the differences, and which factors might influence where you live and work in Canada.
  1. Ask Canadian friends to help improve your communication skills. Build your confidence by practicing with others and receiving feedback. This can help you communicate in a culturally appropriate way.
  1. Networking will also help you adjust once you move to Canada. Here is some great advice about how to meet people, make connections, and develop your social skills.
  1. Stay ahead of the labor market: Learn about your career prospects in Canada.
  1. Consider taking online courses to make you more eligible for jobs. Studying online can be a cheaper and more flexible option for people who are working while they continue to develop their skills.
  1. You probably want to open a bank account and start building credit right away. 
  1. Learn about Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) opportunities to help you decide where to settle.
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Quick Immigration Updates: Canada Is Hiring Tech-Savvy Immigrants

by WES Advisor

Ontario’s First Tech Draw

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has started doing “Tech Draws.” This is a unique opportunity for people with technology backgrounds to qualify for permanent residency, even if they might not otherwise meet the scoring cutoff for federal immigration draws. Candidates are evaluated for at least one year of experience in six tech-related fields.
The Tech Draws are intended to identify qualified immigrants that meet the growing labor needs of the province’s technology market. Applicants with overall CRS scores as low as 439 qualified for the program in July. In total, Ontario’s Tech Draw invited more than 1,600 Express Entry candidates to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program.

Agri-Food Pathway for Migrant Workers

In addition to technology, a new pathway to the permanent residence has opened up for migrant workers with agri-food experience. A three-year pilot program is intended to help grow the local economies and create jobs for Canadians. It caps the applicant pool at 2,750 each year, including family members. However, the program could welcome over 16,000 new permanent residents to Canada in total.

Fewer Irregular Migrant Crossings to Canada

Irregular migrant crossings into Canada are down by 38 percent in the first half of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018. Since June 2019, a total of 6,707 asylum-seekers have come irregularly into Canada. However, there was a slight increase during the month of June that has conservative border critics concerned that irregular border crossings may be rising in the second half of 2019.

Quebec’s International Student Program Is Suspended

The Quebec Experience Program has been temporarily suspended, leaving many international students uncertain of their future in Canada. As an express immigration process for recent graduates, it has left many scholars without options for permanent residence or employment. The program may resume in November.


  1. Ask yourself: Am I completely prepared to launch my job search? Starting without the correct strategy could mean missing out on great opportunities.
  1. Prepare by learning about the hiring process directly from a human resources (HR) specialist.
  1. It all starts with a strong résumé. Have someone you trust to read your résumé and provide feedback.
  1. Make sure you provide your contact information! Even if you include it in your cover letter, it needs to be on the résumé, too—in case this page is handled separately.
  1. Three things you should never do on your résumé: Do not include a photo of yourself. Do not mention your salary expectations. Do not let your information exceed one typed page.
  1. Customize your cover letter for each company and job opportunity. It is time-consuming, but it will help you stand out from other candidates.
  1. And do not forget about your soft skills! Traits like communication and organization are highly prized by employers. Mention these strengths in your cover letter and during your interview.
  1. Note your credential evaluation on your résumé, in your cover letter, and during job interviews. It helps employers understand your background, making you stand out as a stronger candidate.
  1. Keep a complete record of your job search! Save every job posting in a separate file on your computer, or print it out—it will be deleted after the posting is closed.
  1. Job interviews are all about preparation. Learn about the six interview types so that you will be ready to anticipate the situation—and give an exemplary interview.
  1. During an interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. It is good to have some prepared, to show your interest. Here are five questions you can ask at any job interview.
  1. Did you know that there are important cultural customs regarding your behavior after a job interview? Here’s how to follow up with your prospective employer.
  1. Make the most of LinkedIn: Write an attention-grabbing headline such as: “Motivated, experienced sales manager.” Under each job title or previous position, you should have at least three bullet points with strong examples of your expertise.
  1. Your employer is likely to look at your public social media pages—so you might want to consider cultivating a personal brand. Define your vision, mission, and core values.
  1. Your job application, social media presence, and LinkedIn profile should combine to create a narrative about your professional experience. Show employers your career trajectory—instead of just a list of jobs.
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15 tips for people looking to Immigrate to Canada.

  1. Learn about your destination country—because immigration policies are very different for the United States and Canada.
  1. Start looking for a job before you move. Do you know the latest requirements for a work visa?
  1. Because you will be communicating remotely, learn how to conduct successful phone and video interviews.
  1. Or, if you are an international student in Canada, familiarize yourself with visa policies. For example, learn how different majors can affect how long you can stay and work after graduation.
  1. Prepare for professional success by learning about local workplace culture and what steps are necessary to advance in your field.
  1. Develop your transferable skills, so you can find a new job easily based on your existing qualifications.
  1. Make sure you know about the most common visa scams—and how to avoid them.
  1. Practice your English skills, and determine what type of language test you might need to take to prove your reading and writing proficiency.
  1. Determine if you need a credential evaluation. Many employers and academic institutions prefer that international candidates demonstrate their past education and training through an equivalency report.
  1. Apply for a credential evaluation early, so that your report will be ready on time.
  1. Look for loans, scholarships, grants, and other financial aid resources to help reduce your costs.
  1. Protect your mental health. Newcomers often experience a period of stress, depression, loneliness, and uncertainty—but you can learn to overcome these feelings and embrace your new environment.
  1. Get advice from others who made the journey before you. Read immigrant success stories for insights and moral support.
  1. Find out if you will have specific immigration guidelines to meet (for example, if you are arriving from China, India, The Philippines or Nigeria). Your journey will be easier if you are using the latest, most accurate information.
  1. Make sure you know all of the latest policy updates that could affect your plans for working or studying in North America.
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Food Service Supervisors wanted in North Battleford, Saskatchewan

  • Wage Offered: $13.30-14.00 $/hour 
  • Number of Openings: 4
  • Years of Experience Required: 3
  • Education Required: Some High School
  • LMIA Status: PNP
  • Job ID: 12
  • PNP Required: Yes
On behalf of our client company, we are hiring Food Service Supervisors.
 Below is the description:
 Start Date of Employment: As soon as possible  
No. of positions: various
Job Type: Full-time, permanent position  
Wage:13.30-14.00 $/hour  

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in food preparation
  • Completion of a secondary school
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English
  •  Ability to deal well with a variety of people: customers, fellow employees, and management
  • The initiative, good judgment, and ability to make quick decisions under sometimes stressful conditions
  •  Responsible, reliable, honest
  • High standard of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Able to stand and walk for extended periods.
  •  Able to do some heavy lifting
Duties and responsibilities:
  • Ensures the well-being and safety of the customers and staff
  • Works alongside employees to ensure the restaurant is continually meeting production demands and standards for food quality, service times and service experience
  • Opens/closes the restaurant, with access to the safe and/or float
  • Complies with all cash management and accounting procedures
  • Assigns workstations and manages breaks
  •  Resolves issues within their realm of authority concerning the restaurant, staff, and customers according to restaurant policies.  Documents all issues and ensures management has the necessary information regarding these issues.
  •  Effectively uses the operating system to balance key goals of speed, food quality, and cost management.
  •  Completes various tasks as requested by management that may include but is not limited to: daily and weekly paperwork, inventory, purchasing
  •  Trains and coaches staff as directed by management. May also assist with staff performance evaluations as required by management.

·   Resumes must be uploaded in pdf format.
·   All the candidates must have valid IELTS/CLB results.
·   Are available for the interviews on short notice. 
For more information, register in the webform below:

Cooks wanted in North Battleford, Saskatchewan

  • Wage Offered: $$13.93 - $14.00 per hour
  • Number of Openings: 4
  • Years of Experience Required: 4
  • Education Required: High School
  • LMIA Status: PNP
  • Job ID: 121313
  • PNP Required: Yes
4 experienced cooks required Full-time year round, permanent preferred

 Work Duration: morning, afternoon, evening, weekend, shift work $13.93 – $14.00 per hour

Positions available ASAP
 English is required
Duties and Skills
-Sets up station according to restaurant guidelines
 -Prepares all food items as directed in a sanitary and timely manner.
 -Follows recipes, portion controls, and presentation specifications as set by the restaurant.
 -Prepare dishes for people with allergies
-Restocks all items as needed throughout shift.
-Cleans and maintains station in practicing good safety, sanitation, organizational skills. Requirements
-Minimum 3 years experience preparing meals in restaurant and/or culinary degree
 -Dependable -Team Player
-Can work under pressure
 -Have attention to details
 -Work in a fast-paced environment.

·   Resumes must be uploaded in pdf format.
·   All the candidates must have valid IELTS/CLB results.
·   Are available for the interviews on short notice. 
For more information, register in the web form below:

Carpenter wanted in Saskatoon, SK, Canada

  • Wage Offered: $25.31
  • Number of Openings: 2
  • Years of Experience Required: 1
  • Education Required: High School
  • LMIA Status: PNP
  • Job ID: 11
  • PNP Required: Yes
Wage: $ 25.31 per hour
Language : English
Work as part of the team on commercial construction projects:

Constructs, fits, repairs and installs structures made of wood and other materials as per drawings, sketches and verbal instructions,
Build, layout and/or install foundation framework, stairs, partitions, wood and steel framing, biscuit joinery, nails, staples and screws,
Scribe, cut and shape materials and structures using hand, power and stationary tools,
 Other duties as required

·   Resumes must be uploaded in pdf format.
·   All the candidates must have valid IELTS/CLB results.
·   Are available for the interviews on short notice. 
For more information, register in the web form below:

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