More US doctors choosing immigration to Canada

September 13 2010 by Mario Hannah
Doctors immigrate to Canada
Doctors immigrate to Canada
Increasing numbers of doctors in the US are opting to move to Canada, believing their northern neighbour has become a more attractive place to work.
In two surprising new trends, the number of doctors leaving the States to immigrate to Canada is increasing, while the number leaving Canada has dropped.
Statistics released by Canadian Institute for Health Information show the number of doctors entering Canada has exceeded the number leaving every year for the past five years.
The news is surprising because Canada suffered for years from an exodus of its doctors to the United States. The problem dates back to the 1990s, when Canadian health reforms prompted many Canadian doctors to resort to US immigration.
Today, US health reforms seem to be having a similar effect. Uncertainty about the impact of the reforms – as well as the potential to earn more money – is making Canadian immigration an attractive option.
“Obama’s health plan is scaring the life out of all the doctors in the United States,” John Philpott, CEO of CanAM Physician Recruiting in Halifax, told Canada’s National Post.
He added: “Talking to physicians in the United States, they’re shocked how much more money they can make in Canada.”


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