Canada seeks British immigrants

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Northwestern Ontario, one of Canada’s largest but least populated regions, has launched an initiative to recruit British immigrants. 

The 32 states which comprise the area, only one of which has a population of more than 10,000 people, have joined together to attract graduates and skilled workers.
A website which gives advice about living and working in the region has been set up, and a marketing campaign is planned to run across major cities in Britain over the next few months.
The region, which is located to the north of Lake Superior, has an urgent need for professionals, particularly in the health care, science and technology sectors, as well as graduates and entrepreneurs.
Rebecca Johnson, vice-president of the Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce and a councillor for the region's most populous city, Thunder Bay, said: “Though Northwestern Ontario once had a large migrant population, most British people who move to Canada now go to the more populated centres like Toronto and Quebec. Our population is ageing, and there are many businesses in the area which need new owners.”
Stephanie Ash, a British expatriate who is on the initiative’s organising committee, added: “What we hope we can offer to British immigrants is a combination of good work opportunities combined with good quality of life. And in return, we hope they’ll help us renew our region.”
The initiative has been funded by the Ontario and federal governments.


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