CICA Granted Federal Funding to Help Immigrant Accountants Become CAs

The Canadian Institute for Chartered Accountants (CICA) now has a helping hand from the federal government to help accountants immigrating to Canada become CAs.  According to the January/February 2012 issue of CA Magazine, the federal government granted the CICA $1.4 million to create a uniform and easy to follow process for internationally educated professionals (IEPs) to join the profession.
This is CICA’s second grant, following their first in September 2009 through their Foreign Credential Recognition Program.

“Skilled professionals are vital for Canada’s future,” said Kevin Dancey, CICA president and CEO. “We welcome the federal government’s commitment to helping internationally trained accountants contribute to their full potential as quickly as possible.”
To better understand what IEP accountants go through to become a CA, focus groups were conducted to determine what needs have to be met in order to create a national, harmonized online application process. An inter-provincial team was created to develop the process.
Also, a new website has been created; This specialized website provides information for employers hiring IEPs as well as information for the IEPs themselves.
For more information on this news item, please visit the original article.

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