Canadian Employers failing to embrace diversity policies in the work place.

A new study suggests that, despite their good intentions, Canadian employers have been slow to embrace diversity policies in the workplace.
The study, commissioned by the Progress Career Planning Institute (PCPI) is being released just as new census figures are expected to show a sharp decline in immigration in Ontario that could affect the province’s economy.
The study focused on mid-career immigrants with six to 15 years experience in the workplace. It found fewer than half were working in companies that have policies welcoming new Canadians.
The full study will be released at the 9th Annual Internationally Educated Professionals Conference hosted by PCPI and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This is the largest networking event of its kind – bringing together over 120 business leaders and over 1,000 internationally educated professionals from 100 countries to share their experience and strategies in helping newcomers succeed in Canada’s workforce.
According to the Conference Board of Canada, Canada loses anywhere from $3 to 5 billion annually by not hiring the thousands of internationally trained professionals who come to Canada.

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