Chinese immigrants flocking to Canada

Here, UK-based foreign exchange dealer Halo Financial writes about the growing trend for Chinese citizens to migrate to Canada.
China is the leading source country for immigration to Canada, according to new official figures.
New data released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada earlier this month shows that 32,990 people from China emigrated to Canada in 2012, placing the country just ahead of the Philippines (32,704) which had previously been the number one source country for the past three years.
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney was quick to highlight Canada’s long history of welcoming Chinese immigrants and visitors to the country. “For over a century, Canada has benefited from the talent and hard work of newcomers from China,” the Minister said.
“Almost 1.5 million Canadians can trace their ancestry to China, and now a growing number of Chinese citizens are able to visit family and friends in Canada, study at Canadian colleges and universities, or immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.”
India was the third largest source country, with 28,889 permanent residents admitted in 2012 – a significant increase from the 24,965 admitted in 2011.
In terms of where the new arrivals are settling once in Canada, Ontario is still the most popular choice, welcoming 98,826 permanent residents from all across the world last year.
However, the number of people moving to the province decreased slightly on 2011’s figure (99,459) and by almost 20,000 from 2010, when over 118,000 immigrants settled in the province.
The country’s second most popular immigrant hotspot is Quebec, where 55,258 people settled last year, followed by British Columbia (36,176), Alberta (35,764) and Manitoba (13,391).


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