1. Find out what you can add to today’s skills-based economy in North America. How can you continue to be a valuable asset to your company in the long-term?
  1. It never hurts to continue your professional development. Start by honestly assessing your current job skills. If necessary, seek additional training to make you a more valuable employee.
  1. Learn how to market your international education. Employers typically take less than 20 seconds to review your application for employment. Make the decision to hire you as easy as possible.
  1. You should also read about what North American employers seek in a top candidate.
  1. When entering negotiations about your position, do not forget to mention your credential evaluation and overseas training. This can help you secure a higher salary.
  1. Find out if you have the skills and training necessary to excel in a technologically advanced workplace. How can you demonstrate those skills in a profitable way?
  1. Volunteering is a fantastic way to make connections in your community, expand your professional network, and gain access to free training and development opportunities.
  1. Networking, in general, is a sure way to promote your skills, build your confidence, and grow your resources.
  1. You should also focus on networking with your own colleagues. Focus on developing interpersonal skills and utilizing strong communication habits at work.
  1. Once you have a good job, always consider your next steps. Prepare to take your career to the next level.

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