Getting a job before coming to Canada

One of the most challenging thing that any immigrant can find is getting a job before coming to Canada. Although, it is one of the key element for succeeding in starting a new life-besides getting more points in the skilled worker category, it also help you to integrate faster to the Canadian Society and make your transition easier.
Online jobs boads are a good source of employment opportunities. But remember that it will no be easy, since you are abroad and the employer still will prefer someone with canadian experience and good comunication skills in one of the official languages: English or French. A good advice will be to prepare a good resume selling your skills and also getting a skype account,so the employer can contact you over the internet and have an interview without paying for long distance phone calls.
My personal recommendation is to do a complete and extensive research of the labor market. This means to check the potential demand of your profession or occupation in every province in Canada that you are considering in your immigration goals. Also the cost of living (food, transportation, housing, utilities, schools, etc.); the salary range,and settlement services available.
Some occupation will require a license and a certification. You need to understand the requirements and try to work your way to obtain it. Meanwhile, once in Canada,you might see yourself doing jobs under your qualifications during your transition period in Canada.
You also must start your process of accreditation with WES service, so the potential employers can verify the equivalence of your credentials in comparison with the Canadian educational system.
In other words, you must be prepared and have a plan to achieve your dreams. I highly suggest you to visit the following web site and post your resume: www. if you desired to get a job before coming to Canada.
Thank you for your attention,
Sincerely,Andy Rodriguez

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