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Canada working with the EU on labour mobility and foreign credential recognition

Wednesday, 01 April 2009

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) Minister Diane Finley has signed three new agreements with her counterparts in the European Union to improve labour mobility between Canada and the EU. The goals of these agreements are to improve foreign credential recognition, facilitate international labour mobility, and strengthen the Canada-EU partnership.

Two of today's announced agreements focus on engineers and environmental professionals, seeking to align practices in the engineering field and to develop mutual certification frameworks for environmental workers in Canada and the EU. The third will help organize two roundtable discussions on foreign credential recognition and labour mobility, one in Europe this year and the other in Canada in 2010.

"The Government of Canada, through HRSDC, is again demonstrating leadership by investigating mechanisms to allow the Canadian environment sector to reach its full economic and employment potential in the global economy by funding a scoping project to document reciprocal mobility of competent workers between Canada and the European Union," said Grant Trump, of the Environmental Career Organization of Canada.


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