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Countrywide Pride Being Showcased This Week In Canada

Source: Government of Canada Posted on: 19th October 2009

This week, in citizenship ceremonies across the country, Canada will welcome hundreds of new Canadian citizens, and hundreds of Canadians will reaffirm their commitment to our country during Citizenship Week 2009.

“Canadian citizenship is highly valued. Citizenship Week 2009 is an opportunity for all Canadians to celebrate our citizenship,” said Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. “It is a time to reflect on what it means to be a Canadian and to be grateful for the rights and freedoms that we enjoy. We should also take this opportunity to acknowledge our responsibilities to our country and to our communities large and small.”

“The theme of Citizenship Week 2009 is Our Citizenship. We want all Canadians to recognize that, no matter where you came from, when you become a Canadian citizen, Canadian history becomes your history and Canadian values become your values.”

Canada has one of the highest naturalization rates in the world, with 85 percent of immigrants becoming citizens. Last year alone, over 176,000 newcomers became citizens of Canada.

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