Fed up Brits should come to Canada. The Country is looking at attracting 50,000 foreign workers within the next year alone

Canada is putting skilled British workers on a fast track for immigration visas to exploit our soaring cost of living. Its officials believe superior public services and the ability to weather economic turmoil will lure Britons fed up with fuel and food prices and with the state of schools and hospitals. Alberta's employment minister Hector Goudreau has been sent to this country to 'target' those tempted by a new life overseas.

It is one of the most audacious recruitment raids since Australia poached a million Britons - known as the Ten Pound Poms after the ship fare they paid - in the 1950s and 60s. The Canadians want GPs, teachers, nurses, electricians, carpenters, engineers, construction workers, management consultants, and cardiac and diabetic specialists.

Anyone of any age can apply, although workers who fit skills and experience criteria will be fast-tracked for visas.

Somebody from London might be able to sell their small flat and come to Alberta where they can buy a detached house with a huge back yard and huge front yard for the same amount. The cost of living is considerably less than in the UK. The salaries are comparable or even higher, so anyone who moves over would be able to make money and set some aside.

The economy in Alberta - which is founded on oil reserves - was constantly growing, and has remained steady despite the global credit crunch. There is beautiful scenery, the health care system is second to none in the world and the educational system is second to none in the world. Canada has some of the lowest business taxes, there is no province sales tax on goods.

The province covers a large chunk of prairie and Rocky Mountains and its major cities are Edmonton and Calgary. Its population is 3.4million - less than half London's - and it covers an area twice as big as Japan.

The average annual salary in Alberta for civil engineers last year was £44,428. And while income tax is higher in Canada, the living costs are much cheaper. Alberta is a big province, so whereas there is hardly any snow in the south in the winter, there is plenty of opportunity in the north for skiing, snowboarding and skating.

Then in the summer there are water-based activities such as boating, fishing and whitewater rafting but also have baseball and soccer. There is also a lot of culture, if you prefer the opera, musicals or ballet. It is known as the melting pot of Canada as they have a lot of immigrants coming here. Among the different nationalities living in Alberta are Chinese, Germans, Spanish, Ukrainians and Filipinos.

Alberta's booming economy is based on having the second largest concentration of oil in the world. There are 173 billion barrels in oil sands which can be recovered with today's technology. There is also an estimated 315 billion barrels of potentially recoverable oil.

Alberta officials, who are also targeting workers from Germany, America, Mexico and the Philippines, have been encouraged to focus on Britain by figures showing a record 200,000 Britons left the country for new lives abroad in 2006.

In 2006, a record 207,000 British citizens left this country. A third went to Australia or New Zealand, more than a quarter to Spain or France, and one in 12 to the United States.

Nearly 1.6 million British citizens emigrated in the decade after Labour came to power in 1997. They have been replaced by foreign workers, with the overall population increasing by more than a million in ten years. A recent survey by YouGov found 37 per cent of adults are thinking about moving abroad because of the growing financial pressure of life in this country.

More than 603,000 Britons live in Canada.

External link: http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/article-1030680/Fed-Brits-come-Canada-says-Minister-sent-lure-workers-emigrate.html
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