Toronto immigrants find it difficult to land jobs

They come looking for a better life. Recent immigrants to Canada often have years of professional experience but that resume means little when they land in Canada.
In Dubai, Sameer Shiwanna was a respected architect and his wife was a pediatrician. Two years ago they came to Toronto. Now Shiwanna works in security, language is too large a barrier to find employment in his profession.
Shiwanna feels more for his wife than himself, saying she is a doctor who is needed in this nation, yet she is unable to work.
Their story isn't the minority, either. For newcomers to Canada the dream of a good life is often dashed once immigrants land. The lack of employment in professional fields has caused some to tell others in their native lands not to aim for Canada according to a report from the Vancouver Observer. Others understand that it can take years before they will be able to work in their chosen fields.
Shiwanna said he would like to do work in his field even if he's not in a lead position.
"In Dubai I built huge towers but in Toronto I am not able to find those jobs," he said. "My wife has passed her medical exams but language skills are stopping her from working as a doctor."
He expressed his love for the city he now calls home but does hope that someday he will be able to give his knowledge to the city.
"This job (in security) is a first step. I hope to be able to meet the people that will help me to work in my field."
Another security guard arrived in Toronto last year from Nepal. She is happy to have a job that provides for her children.
"I love how people in Toronto help each other. It's how it should be."
A corner store on the waterfront is owned by two immigrants from Korea. In their homeland they were top business people but wanted religious freedom for their children. The owner's wife was an accountant. She said that in Canada you can not work in your own field.

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