40,000 immigrants to be admitted in Canada

Posted at 07/28/2011 5:20 PM | Updated as of 07/28/2011 5:20 PM

VANCOUVER - The Federal Government recently announced that it is increasing the number of immigrants to be admitted under the Provincial Nominee Program.
Forty thousand immigrants under the Provincial Nominee category will be admitted in Canada this year, higher than the 36,000 provincial nominees welcomed in 2010.
In a statement, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney made the announcement following the rapid growth in the Provincial Nominee program in the last few years.
"Faster yung processing time. They delegate the assessment of the qualifications in a provincial level,” said immigration consultant, Aggie Roldan.
Provincial Nominees are nominated by the respective provincial governments for permanent resident status in Canada. They are usually temporary workers or foreign students who meet the province's economic needs.
While Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have attracted a large share of immigrants coming to this country, Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan are the top provinces for the nominee programs.
The Provincial Nominee Program is also an effective way to get workers quickly as applications are processed within a year.

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