Resources for Immigrants in Manitoba

Government Portals

Immigration and Multiculturalism (employers)Recognizing the vital role employers play in the province’s labour market-driven immigration strategy, Manitoba Immigration and Multiculturalism assists employers with recruitment and retention of skilled immigrant workers.
Manitoba.caThe official Manitoba government website has a portal for businesses, including a section on human resources for employers with information about hiring employees, as well as employment laws and regulations.

Community Resources

ContactManitoba’s community resource site allows you to search for community services by keyword or use the advanced search to search by subject and sub index (such as immigrants and support services) and region.
Manitoba Immigration Info MapThis interactive map provides information about services for recent immigrants, including employment and education. You can select a region and a category to find services nearby.
Settlement Roadmap – ManitobaA searchable database of immigrant services (including settlement, languages and employment) in each province.

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