Skilled Worker Immigration through Manitoba Nomination Program


Manitoba Provincial Nomination ProgramCanadian province of Manitoba has its own nomination program that permits foreign skilled workers with strong connection to the province to obtain Canadian  permanent residence. The program is designed to facilitate foreign nationals who have work experience or graduated from Manitoba post-secondary educational institutions.

1. Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program:

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP) is divided into two streams depending on the labor market and foreign national’s ties to the Manitoba community.
  1. Currently working in Manitoba: Applications are accepted from temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who have been working full-time for at least six months and whose employer has offered a full-time, long-term job.
  2. Skilled workers overseas: Applications are accepted from skilled workers who score sufficient points for employability and adaptability based on five factors. The eligibility factors include  age, English proficiency, work experience, education and Connection to Manitoba.

2. Connection to Manitoba Community:

The connection to the Manitoba community can be demonstrated through the following:
  • Applicant has completed an eligible Manitoba education or training program of at least one year for which he/she received a diploma or degree,
  • Applicant has a valid post-graduation work permit issued by Citizenship and ImmigrationCanada (CIC),
  • Applicant has a job-offer letter from the Manitoba employer for whom he/she has been working at least six months.
If you have friends and family members in Canadian provinces other than Manitoba then you maynot be eligible for Manitoba Nomination program.
Similarly, if you are in Canada and have completed your education from another province and worked there, you may not qualify for the program as Manitoba wants to determine if the applicant has a sincere desire to settle in Manitoba or not.
The Province of Manitoba has the sole authority to approve the nomination of individuals for permanent residence. The MPNP nomination decision will be based on  assessment of your  potential for successful economic settlement as an independent skilled worker. Your genuine intention and ability to settle in Manitoba with permanent residency will also play a key role in your eligibility assessment.
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