Canada: One of the Best country to live in 2016.

  • Canada is regarded as one of the best countries to live in the world because of its exceptional factors like high rate of life satisfaction, lower murder rates, and wide cultural diversity acceptance.
  • There exists a strong correlation between this country’s reputation and its intent to visit. As Canada tops this reputation, its tourism industry has generated more than $81.9 billion over the last year.
  • Canada has ranked high in its unique old age pension programs and health care system. In fact, this country is regarded as The 5th best country to see yourself grow old. If you are a Canadian, you are lucky indeed.
  • At present, 14.9% of the total Canadian population is aged over 65. This rate is anticipated to get doubled in the next 25 years.

  • With highly equipped healthcare system, newborn Canadian kids can enjoy a life up to or more than 81 years on an average.
  • According to the reports, Canada is the 14th biggest economy in the world. Thus, making it one of the wealthiest nations as well.
  • Like other developed countries, the Canadian financial system is dominated by its service industry – employing around 3-quarter of Canadians.
  • People who are living here are often mocked for apologizing. They never hesitate to ask for pardon when they commit mistakes. This characteristic multiplies the happiness and even strengthens their relationship.
  • Roughly, 64% of Canadians donate their money to charities.
  • Canadians have a lower unemployment rate.
  • As far as the banking sector is concerned, they have outstanding services.
  • Canadian sons/daughters earn twice as high as their parents do. Thus, providing a good income ladder to its citizens. For example, children born to poor parents can quickly raise their positions and they rarely die as poor.
  • Canada also offers a high rate of life satisfaction to its citizens. The reason behind it is that this nation has a minimal number of suicidal rates.
  • Statistics says that Canadians make more than 10 million overseas trips every year. Now, this clearly states their luxury and economical freedom.
  • Canada is also regarded as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
  • Canadians make a lead in quantum computing, medical discoveries, space science, and technology.

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