Opportunities in Alberta- Winter jobs.

Experience life in the Rockies this winter
Winter has arrived in Alberta, which means the Alberta Rockies are full of visitors eager to experience everything our beautiful mountain towns have to offer. It also means that employers in tourism, hospitality and retail are hiring! You can work with people from around the world while also enjoying our many winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and dog-sledding. Visit the Travel Alberta website to discover more winter activities.

Our two main resort communities are Banff and Jasper. Many employers, including those listed below, are hiring for a wide variety of positions.


Other helpful websites include:
Before applying – do your homework!
  • Housing is often limited in resort communities so be sure to research your housing options. Some employers provide housing or offer subsidized accommodation but this may not always be the case. Learn more about accommodation in Banff and Jasper.
  • Public transportation is only available in Banff and Canmore. Some employers may also offer a shuttle service.
  • Research the cost of living if you are considering a job that requires you to relocate.

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