Canada’s most popular job search sites

For Canadian employers, the job-posting process can be frustrating, time-consuming, and unreliable. It can be a lot of work to sort through stacks of resumes, call up candidates, and do interviews – and this doesn’t always produce the best hire. Because so many employers try to avoid the process, approximately 80% of jobs never get listed at all.
These unlisted jobs makeup “Canada’s hidden job market” and are most commonly accessed by potential employees through personal contacts and/or networking. The importance of personal contacts and networking cannot be stressed enough in the context of finding work in Canadian society.
However, for those of us who have exhausted our personal contacts and networks or for those who are looking for immediate employment, advertised jobs are another option to securing employment. Because employers typically only spend 20-30 seconds reviewing resumes, it is vital that when responding to advertised jobs potential candidates write tailored resumes and cover letters for each position applied to. Candidates should also demonstrate that they have the key skills and qualifications that the employer has outlined in the job description and that they discuss why they are interested in the organization based on conducting research on the organization they wish to work for.
The following is a brief list of Canada’s most popular job search websites. More links to job search websites that are specific to professional industries are also included below.
General Job Search Sites
Canada’s Top 100 Employers
Career Builder
Eluta – The Search Engine for New Jobs in Canada
Government of Canada Careers
Mazemaster – Youth Employment Link
Monster Canada
Possibilities: Toronto’s Online Employment Resource Centre
Top 100 Internet Sites for Learning and Job Searching

Accounting Job Search Sites
Certified Management Accountants Society of British Colombia
Institute of Chartered Accountants Alberta
Institute of Chartered Accountants B.C.
Institute of Chartered Accountants Manitoba
Institute of Chartered Accountants Nova Scotia
Institute of Chartered Accountants Ontario
Institute of Chartered Accountants Quebec
Institute of Chartered Accountants Saskatchewan
Certified Professional Accountants
Society of Management Accountants Canada
Society of Management Accountants Ontario
Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba
Certified General Accountants Association of New Brunswick
Certified General Accountants of Ontario
Certified General Accountants Association of Prince Edward Island
Certified Professional Accountants of Quebec

 Advertising, Marketing & Communications Job Search Sites
Advertising Age
Marketing Magazine
Outdoor Advertising Association of Canada
Strategy Magazine

 Biotechnology Job Search Sites
Biotechnology Human Resource Council

Construction/Trades Job Search Sites
Construction Sector Council
Made with the Trades
Toronto Construction Association

 Education and Teaching Job Search Sites
Education Canada Network
Jobs in Education
The Manitoba Teacher’s Society
Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Foundation

Engineering Job Search Sites
Canadian Technical Employment Network
Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Environment Job Search Sites

Health Job Search Sites
Canadian Nursing Index
Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Canadian Society for International Health
Opticians Association of Canada

 Information Technology Job Search Sites
Canada Computer Work
Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals
International Webmasters Association
Information Technology Association of Canada
Webgrrls International

Insurance Job Search Sites

 Manufacturing Job Search Sites
Wood Manufacturing Council

 Mathematics and Statistics Job Search Sites
Canadian Mathematical Society
Statistics Society of Canada

 Oil and Mining Job Search Sites
Petroleum Services Association of Canada

 Science Job Search Sites (see also Biotechnology Job Search Sites)
Canadian Association of Physicists
Chemical Institute of Canada


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