Employment: Bridging Programs in Western Canada

Canada is internationally known as a country with excellent immigration programs for skilled workers and qualified professionals. It is important to know the rules and regulations of the province or territory you want to call home – only the right preparation and proper licensing will ensure a chance to put your expertise to work.
Engineering, health care, and a variety of other professions are regulated; and in order to be able to work in a regulated occupation, you must perform two steps – credentials assessment and proper licensing. There are many programs available in Western Canada to accomplish those steps, and they differ from province to province.
British Columbia
In British Columbia, the ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service – www.bcit.ca/ices) will assess international credentials for a fee, something you can do before you come to Canada. Another option is the Skills Connect Program (www.skillsconnect.ca), which is available to immigrants with a Permanent Resident (PR) card, and is administered in various locations throughout the Metro Vancouver area. For a full list of criteria and locations please check the FAQ section of the Skills Connect website.
The program is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia, and is free of charge. Once registered, you’ll receive a full assessment of your language skills and international credentials, as well as skills upgrading and job placement counselling. A separate part of the program offers similar services for health care professionals, but does not include the cost for required training and courses. Some of these costs can be offset by obtaining government grants, and Skills Connect Health will provide grant application assistance.
BC is the only Western province with a central access point for immigrants; other provinces offer similar possibilities, though you’ll have to deal with a number of different authorities and agencies if you apply.
 Please read more at the source article at http://www.cnmag.ca/employment-bridging-programs-in-western-canada/

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