The ten most sought-after skilled workers in Canada right now.

Canadian employers are having an increasingly difficult time hiring the staff they need in today’s tight labour market. Forty-one percent of Canadian employers report difficulty filling jobs...
Skilled trade workers (electricians, welders, mechanics), sales representatives, drivers, engineers, and technicians have consistently ranked among the top five hardest roles to fill in Canada for the past ten years.
Below the list of the most demanded skilled workers in Canada:
Skilled trades: electricians, welders, mechanics
[See skilled trades jobs]
Sales representatives: B2B, B2C, contact center
[See sales jobs on CareerBeacon]
Drivers: truck, delivery, construction, mass transit
[See open positions for drivers]
Technicians: quality controllers, technical staff
[See available jobs]
Engineers: chemical, electrical, civil, mechanical
[Open jobs for engineers]
IT: cybersecurity experts, network administrators, technical support
[View IT jobs available now]
Office support: administrative assistants, PAs, receptionists
[Open positions in admin and support]
Healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, other non-nursing health professions
[See job openings in healthcare]
Professionals: project managers, lawyers, researchers
[View professional jobs on CareerBeacon]
“No matter what your qualifications are, whether you’re an engineer, salesperson or marketer, if you don’t have a foundation of soft skills, you will fail. And you need the right soft skills because there are so many. 

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