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N.S. wants to double number of immigrants by 2020

View toward halifax, Nova Scotia as the ferry ...Image via Wikipedia
Nova Scotia announced a new immigration strategy that aims to double the number of immigrants entering the province each year by 2020.
At the Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21 in Halifax on Friday, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter released the province's new strategy, which sets a target of 7,200 new immigrants by 2020, double what the province had previously aimed for.
The immigration strategy will be bolstered by an additional $790,000 for immigration efforts and targets a 70% retention rate.
"Welcome Home to Nova Scotia is the province's most ambitious and focused immigration plan ever, and one of the most comprehensive strategies in the country," Dexter said in a release.
"By focusing on attracting immigrants with the right skills and experience, this new strategy will make our immigration programs more responsive to employers' needs," Immigration Minister Marilyn More said.
In 2007, the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia signed a new immigration agreement to give the province the ability to nominate more skilled immigrants for quicker processing by the feds in an attempt to help counter declining population trends in communities across the province.

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