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There are many residents in Canada who know somebody who is in the planning stage of immigrating to Canada. Or, it could be a relative or friend who wants to enroll at one of the country’s excellent universities or schools. Either way, you should recommend the use of one Canada’s immigration consultants.
There are so many reasons why people seek citizenship in Canada. Apart from its awesome beauty and vast natural resources, the United Nations declared Canada to be the ‘best country to live in’ for 7 consecutive years. It is the 2nd largest country in the world and is America’s biggest trading partner. A Canadian passport allows citizens entry to over 20 countries without having to apply for a visa.
It is a multicultural, diverse country offering fantastic options for business growth and job opportunities. A comprehensive public health scheme is offered to every citizen. In addition, it has good judicial and welfare systems. With many fine schools, public and private, Canada is known to be one of the best educated nations in the world. People of varying cultures and backgrounds live in complete harmony, and Canada is free of discrimination.
The government has taken steps to encourage immigration. This is to guarantee that long-term plans for economic development come to fruition. It is hoped that at the end of 2010, some 250,000 new citizens will settle in Canada. With this injection of skilled labor, the country can grow and quickly recover from the economic downslide.
To encourage immigrants, the government has allowed each province to determine the number of extra skilled workers needed. Quebec has made great strides in this regard and has implemented an effective Skilled Worker program. This is to facilitate an easy immigration transition for new residents.
Essentially, this means that Quebec has formed its own unique immigration policy. It has laid down a set of criteria that do not necessarily conform to existing national immigration policies. This means that if you have applied for a work visa, but it has been declined, you are free to apply to Quebec.
To receive immigration approval, a person has to be skilled so that they can easily be integrated into Canada’s job market. To further increase chances of success, applicants should have a basic knowledge of French, and able to converse fluently in English. Those who have qualifications in a highly skilled field will receive priority.
It will help to have family members who are Canadian citizens or those who have ‘permanent resident’ status. If the applicant is married, his or her spouse may have ties with Canadian residents. In this case, these details should also be furnished. Most importantly, the applicant should be in possession of a written employment offer by a registered business in Canada.
Seeking out immigration consultants is easy online. It would be best to find one who is well versed with all the immigration criteria in Canada and its provinces. By hiring such a person, you could save expenses and lengthy waiting periods. Your consultant will be able to ensure that the application goes through smoothly. If every requirement has been properly addressed, you should have a good chance of success.
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