Study: Canada Attracts Older, More Educated Migrants

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AHN News Staff
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (AHN) - A Gallup Poll survey has found that younger but less educated migrants prefer to live in the United States, while Canada attracts older but more educated immigrants.
Gallup conducted the survey in 148 nations. The poll found that 41 percent of people in the age bracket 15 to 24 prefer to migrate to the U.S., while only 27 percent picked Canada. But for those in the age ranges 25 to 44, about 48 percent preferred Canada and 40 percent the U.S.
When grouped according to educational attainment, those who finished only elementary picked the U.S. as their migration destination. Among those who completed secondary education, 59 percent want to move to Canada versus 51 percent to the U.S.
Association for Canadian Studies Executive Director Jack Jedwab explained that because more educated immigrants choose Canada, the average income of migrants in 2006 reached $44,170, while those who moved to the U.S. earned only $34,400.
The study also compared how the two North American neighbors welcome migrants. Canada actively assists new arrivals through free language-training vouchers. The U.S. lacks a national integration policy and gives little support for English-language classes.
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