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Ottawa Tightens Regulation Over Immigration Consultants

AHN News Staff

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (AHN) - Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will introduce in Parliament on Tuesday a bill that would tighten the country’s regulation over immigration consultants. The proposed Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act will allow filing of criminal charges against unregistered immigration consultants.

The bill imposes a $50,000 penalty and two-year prison term for convicted unregistered immigration consultants.

Kenney authored the bill because of mounting complaints against bogus immigration consultants who take advantage of foreigners who want to enter Canada. Among the wrong practices of these consultants are charging applicants for refugee claims even if the applicants are not real refugees or failing to complete the documentation even if the applicant has fully paid the consultant’s fees.

The bill would not affect unpaid third parties who also provide immigration advice. In that category are family members, friends and not-for-profit community groups.

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