10 STEPS to apply to Manitoba PNP

This is the procedure followed by immigrants who have successfully settled in Manitoba as provincial nominees.

1-Learn about Manitoba Read the information in the Before you apply section about jobs, society, language, etc. so you can make an informed choice and have realistic expectations about resettling yourself and your family in Manitoba.

2-Download and print the free application kit.The application kit is a booklet with detailed explanations and instructions. It includes all PNP forms, free of charge.

3-Read the entire application before you start filling it in.

4-Determine which forms you need.For example, Family stream requires an affidavit of support (MAS); the General stream requires different supporting documents with your application.

5-Gather your supporting documents.The Document Checklist explains what personal and other documents you are required to send with your application. For example, letters from your employer, school records.

6-Fill in your application.

7-Check your application.Verify you have filled in every question and included all documents you were instructed to prepare and include.

8-Mail your application to our office.Photocopy your completed application for your records (and your permanent residence application should be approved by the PNP). Mail the original to the PNP office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

9-Wait for their reply.Their will mail you a letter advising that they received your application, then a letter advising you of the outcome of your application.

10-Successful applicant applies for Canadian permanent resident visa.If you are accepted to the PNP we will send you a Letter of Approval. You need this when you take the last step in the immigration process, which is applying to the Government of Canada for permanent resident visas for you and eligible family members.

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