Majority of Irish people ready to emigrate in search of better jobs.

Nearly 72 percent of Irish people expressed their willingness to move overseas in search of better jobs in Canada, UK, Australia or other nations. This was revealed by a latest poll conducted by Grafton Recruitment, one of the largest recruitment companies of Ireland. The findings of the poll were based on opinions of nearly 1,000 people in March 2010 throughout Ireland.

Among the top favored destinations for immigration named by people in the survey included Europe, Australia, UK and Canada respectively. Around 60 percent of respondents said they were open to seek jobs in Northern Ireland.

Managing director of Grafton Recruitment, Cathy McCorry, said that the fact revealed by the latest employment poll is a sign of the changing times when people accept immigration to other countries in order to improve their current job prospects.

Nearly one-fourth of the participants in the nationwide survey also expected to receive a hike in their salaries in the next year, the employment survey added. Nearly 50 percent of participants in the survey said that they were not ready to accept a decrease in the current pay.

The poll found that nearly 30 percent of survey participants had got a salary hike in the last year while 40 percent stated they are least expecting any hike in their pay, this year.

As per figures of December 2009, unemployment rate in the Republic of Ireland was 13.3 percent, which is almost twice the unemployment rate of Northern Ireland. However, despite such high unemployment rate in Ireland, 75 percent of respondents admitted being flexible regarding starting salary in a new work while 65 percent were willing to accept reduction in their salary between 5 and 10 percent.

The only cause of concern for employers in Ireland is that large-scale exit of talented workforce from Ireland to other nations will significantly have a long-term effect on Irish labor market, added McCorry.

She cautioned that there is a need to examine such trend appropriately. For this, Irish government and employers in Ireland must get together to meet the opportunities and the challenges posed by talent mobility.


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