By Richard Long, eHow Contributor
Normally, it is mandatory for a non-resident of Canada to acquire a work visa to work in Canada or to obtain Canadian Landed Immigrant status. If a person wants to immigrate to Canada, there are different methods to apply as a land imm

  • In Canada, a skilled worker in terms of immigration is someone who has dynamic work experience for at least 10 years in either an executive position or a professional, industrial, skilled or as a nonprofessional who can assist other professionals. Citizenship and immigration officials evaluate applicants based on criteria that includes education and work experience, ability to speak either English or French, possession of the means required to relocate, jobs offered in Canada, medical history, criminal record and any previous applications.

  • To Apply Under the Family Class

  • To apply under the family class, applicants must obtain sponsorship from a relative who is at least 18 years of age and either a permanent resident or citizen. The relative must be living in or returning to Canada. Sponsorship is limited only to certain relatives such as the spouse or common law partner, the child or children, the parents and grandparents, or other eligible family members. Students who have graduated in Canada may also apply for immigration and eventually sponsor their family members.

  • To Apply Under the Business Class

  • The Business Immigration Program in Canada desires to encourage economic growth and focuses on people with venture capital, business skills and consumer skills. There are three classes of business immigration: investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Business immigrants need to make a C$400,000 investment or own and manage businesses in Canada. There are different requirements for each business class. Entrepreneurs must prove their business experience, have a net worth of at least C$300,000 and respect the conditions that pertain to entrepreneurs in Canada. The self-employed must have either experiences that will contribute to the cultural or athletic life in Canada or retain experience in farm management and the intention and finances to buy and/or manage a farm.

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