Canadian immigration consultant regulator gives public a look at internal operations

The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) gave the public a glimpse at its internal operations today through a video presentation that puts a face to the organization, its departments and its staff.
“CSIC embraces transparency in our governance, and now we’re going one step further to give the public and our members a look at our internal operations,” said CSIC Chair Nigel Thomson.
The video shows CSIC’s small, diverse staff, which has accomplished great things by working together with limited resources. Working together in many different roles, CSIC’s registration, education, complaints and discipline, legal, compliance, member practice aide, finance and administration, policy, communications and intelligence departments have been highly effective in pursuing CSIC’s mandate to protect consumers of immigration consulting services.
“Since 2004, CSIC has shut out more than 800 agents, and disciplined more than 225 consultants. These numbers demonstrate that CSIC is an effective regulatory body that acts in the public interest. With this video we’re giving the public an idea of the day-to-day operations that help CSIC perform its vital regulatory activities,” said Thomson.
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