Canada grants Taiwan visa-waiver privilege

      Taipei, Nov. 22 (CNA) Taiwanese citizens will be granted non-immigrant visa-free entry to Canada with immediate effect, the Canada Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) announced Monday.

Holders of ordinary Taiwan passports that contain a personal identification number and are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan will no longer be required to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to visit Canada for vacation or study periods of up to six months, the CTOT said.

However, the office said, visa-free access does not imply automatic entry to Canada. Visitors will still need to meet the admission requirements that apply to all travelers seeking entry to Canada, with or without a visa, it said.

Permission to enter Canada will be granted only at the ports of entry and at the sole discretion of Canadian border officials, the office said.

It is therefore strongly recommended that visitors answer border officials' questions truthfully at all times, the office said.

Upon arrival at a Canadian port of entry, the period of stay will be determined by an immigration officer, the CTOT explained.

Unless otherwise indicated, the period of stay will be for six months, it said.

The visa-waiver privilege does not extend to Taiwanese seeking entry for work purposes, with limited exceptions, said the CTOT.

In July this year, Canada and Taiwan signed a working holiday program for youth. (By Jenny W. Hsu) enditem /pc 

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