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Manitoba welcomes applications from U.S. residents under a special initiative of our government immigration program.

Under the initiative, applications from the U.S. will be given priority assessment.

Why choose Manitoba?

We're the friendly and prosperous Canadian province that neighbours North Dakota. Manitoba offers opportunities for you and your family to pursue rewarding careers while enjoying an affordable lifestyle and the benefits of high-quality, accessible public education and health care.

U.S. residents will find employment opportunities here. Our economy is stable and strong. Americans who have visited Manitoba for pleasure - and for business or work - find they feel right at home.

The Manitoba government selects candidates for immigration based on their job and English language skills and ability to settle as permanent residents of Manitoba.

U.S. residents can apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program under a special initiative. Eligibility requirements include making an exploratory visit to Manitoba. For details, visit Strategic Initiatives.

To learn about living and working in Manitoba, visit Choose Manitoba.

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