The International Experience Canada (IEC) initiative in Ireland is now officially open for 2011. Administrative changes have been made to the IEC for 2011. Most notably, for the first time in Ireland, Applicants will be able to apply directly to the Government of Canada. These changes are being introduced in order to re-align the IEC-Ireland with its counterparts in participating countries around the world.   
The Changes:
1. Student and non-student sub-categories will be amalgamated into one overall Working Holiday Program category. As of 2011, everyone who applies to the IEC will do so under the Working Holiday Program (WHP). The WHP enables citizens from Ireland aged 18-35 to travel and work in Canada. It is the ideal formula for students and non-students who want to supplement their travel experiences with temporary work;
2. Applicants who have a spouse or partner and/or dependents will be permitted to travel to Canada as well although they will be required to obtain their own individual status document;
3. Finally, program participation has been expanded for up to two one-year periods. Applicants will need to re-apply if they wish to repeat as a participant, but this change means that they may continue their stay in Canada after one year or travel again several years apart.
For assistance with preparing an application under the Working Holiday Program and/or how to transition from this program into becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident, contact our office and ask to speak with one of our immigration lawyers.