Choosing Your Legal Representative

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Why is professional legal assistance essential?

You are not obliged to hire a lawyer or registered immigration consultant when applying for any Canadian Immigration status or for Citizenship.
John Abbott College LibraryHowever, we constantly meet new clients whose files are facing delays and problems, or have been refused. Often they tried to do their own applications to save money. They may have relied on advice and experiences gained from friends or family.
The Immigration and Citizenship rules of Canada are constantly evolving and, unfortunately, becoming more complicated. Likely, if  you were about to undergo a major medical procedure, you wouldn’t try to operate on yourself or ask your uncle how to do it. So why act as your own “surgeon” and take chances with your future in Canada? Leave your case in the hands of a legal professional. Fogarty Law Firm stands ready to assist you.
Did you know? If you already have legal status in Canada and you make mistakes when trying to renew or change your status, your application can be denied and you may even face removal proceedings.

Be aware of fraudsters

We applaud the efforts of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada, the Honourable Jason Kenny, who warns against the danger of falling victim to fraudsters. Fraudsters will pretend to be lawyers or authorized immigration consultants but have no legal training and no right to represent you.

Who can represent you?

The following persons are the only ones legally authorized to represent you to the Government of Canada (including all departments, offices, embassies and consulates) for your Canadian Immigration or Citizenship case:
  • A person in good standing with a Canadian provincial or territorial bar association or law society. Examples are the Quebec Bar Association (Barreau du Québec) and the Law Society of Upper Canada. Note that lawyers from non-Canadian jurisdictions cannot represent you unless they are also a member of a bar or law society in Canada;
  • A person in good standing with the Quebec association of notaries;
“The Government of Canada will not deal with non-authorized representatives who charge a fee for their service.”
Source: official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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