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RBC tips immigrants to Canada starting a new business

If you are thinking of starting a business in Canada, it pays to know what resources are available. There are several special programs and services offered by the government, and financial institutions to help newcomers become successful business owners in Canada.

"Newcomers should look for start-up incentives, advisory services and step-by-step roadmaps," said Camon Mak, head multicultural markets.

Mak offers tips for getting started:

 Find a small business advisor at a bank who understands your needs as a newcomer. They can provide you with the appropriate advice to help your business succeed.

 Ask your advisor where to look for information on understanding local market opportunities.

 Talk to your advisor about getting connected to important community resources, such as an accountant, lawyer and government services.

Further tips are available online at

You can also visit, to find more information on how to start your own business in Canada.

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  1. Great advice for anyone headed up to our neighbors to the north. I know there are tons of opportunities in internet marketing and seo in America, does Canada afford the same opportunities? Thanks