The Second Career strategy launched by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities pays for the training or education that Ontarians require to get a better job. It provides financial help up to $28,000, or more in some cases, to pay for:
  • » Tuition
  • » Living Expenses
  • » Help caring for dependents
  • » Travel
  • » Transportation
  • » Disability supports
  • » Other living and training costs
  • » Books
Those who qualify may have some or all of these costs covered within the Second Career Strategy. In order to find out if you qualify for Second Career or any other government funding, all candidates must visit a Employment Ontario assessment centre for an assessment interview.

THINGS ARE LOOKING UP!Open yourself up to new opportunities by getting trained for a new career! Check out all the ways in which Second Career can make your future something to smile about:
  1. Funding for You: The Ontario Government set out to help people recently laid off by directing millions of dollars toward getting Ontarians retrained and back to work.
  2. New Directions: Discover hundreds of potential careers that your background and skills fit perfectly. Second Career gives you a second chance!
  3. New skills: Going back to college or university is empowering. Learn the tools of a new trade that can be applied to a thriving career in today’s workforce.
  4. Career Guidance: Both public and private institutions offer excellent training for careers but how will you know what job is right for you? Browse our listings then visit a Second Career assessment center to figure out what job is right for you.
  5. A Fresh Start: It’s not uncommon to switch careers nowadays. It gives us a chance to learn something new, try out a different field and stay excited about our work!
  6. Support: Second Career is not a loan. It’s money that the Ontario government is giving away to people who have been negatively impacted by the economy. It’s there for you so take advantage!

Business, Finance and Administration:

Administrative Officers (NOC 1221)
Bookkeepers (NOC 1231)
Executive Assistants (NOC 1222)
Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners (NOC 1233)
Insurance Underwriters (NOC 1234)
Legal Secretaries (NOC 1242)
Medical Secretaries (NOC 1243)
Property Administrators (NOC 1225)
Secretaries (Except Legal and Medical) (NOC 1241)

Natural and Applied Sciences

Air Pilots, Flight Engineers and Flying Instructors (NOC 2271)
Aircraft Instrument, Electrical and Avionics Mechanics, Technicians and Inspectors (NOC 2244)
Architectural Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2251)
Biological Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2221)
Chemical Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2211)
Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2231)
Computer and Network Operators and Web Technicians (NOC 2281)
Drafting Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2253)
Electronic Service Tech (NOC Household & Business Equipment) (NOC 2242)
Forestry Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2223)
Industrial Designers (NOC 2252)
Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics (NOC 2243)
Land Survey Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2254)
Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2232)
Systems Testing Technicians (NOC 2283)
User Support Technicians (NOC 2282)


Ambulance Attendants and Other Paramedical Occupations (NOC 3234)
Licensed Practical Nurses (NOC 3233)
Massage Therapist (NOC 3235)
Medical Laboratory Technicians (NOC 3212)
Medical Laboratory Technologists and Pathologists’ Assistants (NOC 3211)
Medical Radiation Technologists (NOC 3215)

Social Science, Education, Gov’t Service

Community and Social Service Workers (NOC 4212)
Early Childhood Educators and Assistants (NOC 4214)
Paralegal and Related Occupations (NOC 4211)

Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport

Audio and Video Recording Technicians (NOC 5225)
Graphic Arts Technicians (NOC 5223)
Graphic Designers and Illustrators (NOC 5241)
Interior Designers (NOC 5242)
Other Technical and Co-ordinating Occupations in Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and the Performing Arts (NOC 5226)

Sales and Service

Bakers (NOC 6252)
Butchers & Meat Cutters - Retail Wholesale (NOC 6251)
Chefs (NOC 6241) Cooks (NOC 6242)
Hairstylists and Barbers (NOC 6271)
Insurance Agents and Brokers (NOC 6231)
Real Estate Agents and Salespersons (NOC 6232)
Retail and Wholesale Buyers (NOC 6233)
Technical Sales Specialists - Wholesale Trade (NOC 6221)

Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators

Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft Inspectors (NOC 7315)
Bricklayers (NOC 7281)
Cabinetmakers (NOC 7272)
Carpenters (NOC 7271)
Crane Operators (NOC 7371)
Electric Appliance Servicers and Repairers (NOC 7332)
Electrical Power Line and Cable Workers (NOC 7244)
Electricians (NOC Except Industrial and Power System) (NOC 7241)
Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics (NOC 7312)
Industrial Electricians (NOC 7242)
Machinists and Machining and Tooling Inspectors (NOC 7231)
Motor Vehicle Body Repairers (NOC 7322)
Plumbers (NOC 7251)
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics (NOC 7313)
Sheet Metal Workers (NOC 7261)
Stationary Engineers and Auxiliary Equipment Operators (NOC 7351)
Steamfitters, Pipefitters and Sprinkler System Installers (NOC 7252)
Telecommunications Installation and Repair Workers (NOC 7246)
Tool and Die Makers (NOC 7232)
Welders and Related Machine Operators (NOC 7265)

Primary Industry

Farmers and Farm Managers (NOC 8251)
Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Contractors & Managers (NOC 8255)
Nursery and Greenhouse Operators and Managers (NOC 8254)

Processing, Manufacturing and Utilities

Papermaking and Coating Control Operators (NOC 9234)

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