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Temporary Foreign Worker Program to be Revamped

The Canadian government will be restructuring the country’s temporary foreign worker program.
Federal Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently told the audience at a meeting in the western city of Calgary that the streamlined program will make it easier for employers to hire foreigners on a temporary basis.
Kenney has already been meeting with stakeholders across Canada over the past few months on the programme and how to restructure it, and will be holding another set of meetings in October in the western province of Alberta.
in Alberta, employers in the oil and gas sector, as well as those in agricultural and construction sectors, have been clamouring for a more relaxed foreign worker program, as well as an immigration system that does not put too much emphasis on higher education.
The argument is that while Canada does need highly qualified engineers and others, it also needs plumbers, electricians and those that can work in the oil patch, but do not necessarily possess higher education certificates.
Meanwhile, Kenney is also suggesting that Canada’s oil patch should discuss bringing in unemployed workers from the south of the border, in the US.

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