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Getting on Canada's wanted list

What does it take to be on Canada's wanted list for suspected war crimes or crimes against humanity?
- Individuals have a removal (deportation) order that is in force.
- Individuals have a Canada-wide warrant for arrest and detention for removal issued under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
- The Canada Border Services Agency has actively investigated the whereabouts of these individuals "using all the tools at our disposal with no results."
Number of refugee claimants in Canada currently under investigation for war crimes or genocide: 132
- Number of non-refugee claimants under investigation: 28
- Total number of permanent resident applications referred to the Canada Border Services Agency for screening for war crimes or crimes against humanity in 2010-2011: 415
- Total number deemed inadmissible to Canada: 22
- Total number of applicants referred to the CBSA last year for possible links to organized crime: 162
- Total number deemed inadmissible: 23
- Estimated cost of prosecuting Rwandan Desire Munyaneza for genocide and war crimes in Montreal: $4 million.
- Cost of revoking citizenship of accused Serbian war criminal Branko Rogan: $300,000.
- Minimum number of illegal immigrants - people under a removal order - in Canada: 124,000
- Number of active arrest warrants for illegal immigrants: 28,737
- Annual budget for Canada's War Crimes Program, 2005-2010: $15.6 million
- Proposed annual budget starting in 2011: $8.4 million

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