A new strategy to bring more immigrants to Sudbury will be released later today in the hopes of bringing more immigrants into the region.
A Statistics Canada report in 2008-2009 found that Sudbury was one of the least popular destinations for immigrants in the country: it was in the bottom three cities.
For those who work at bringing new people to the area, it's a troubling trend for a community with an aging population — and a shrinking tax base.
Scott Fisher, who is with the Local Immigration Partnership in Sudbury, has been hosting forums and focus groups to find out how to attract and keep immigrants in Sudbury.
He said he's found immigrants view Sudbury as a safe and supportive place to raise a family. But finding employment can be difficult for them.
The recommendations in the new strategy include an English-as-a-second language centre and a mentoring program involving local employers.
The strategy also recommends a one-stop referral centre that would help immigrants find housing, schools and healthcare services.