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Immigration Wizard working its magic

Online interactive resource simplifies process for potential newcomers

The immigration application process for newcomers can sometimes be complex. However, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is committed to making it more user friendly. That’s why we are happy to present an online resource added to the CIC website. Using the interactive Come to Canada Wizard, prospective immigrants and visitors alike can find out in a matter of minutes if they are likely candidates to come to Canada. The Wizard also matches individuals with the immigration or temporary residence option that best suits their specific circumstances.
The Wizard ( guides users through a series of questions while automatically narrowing down the options based on the users’ responses. Once users have finished answering the questions, the Wizard’s results page will lead them to the appropriate application and forms, and guide them through the next steps in the process, including instructions on how to complete the forms and which additional information they may need to provide.
It’s a major service improvement. The Wizard will make it easier for potential immigrants and visitors to navigate the application process, and it should also reduce applicants’ reliance on immigration consultants. As an added benefit, the Wizard should also help to reduce the number of calls to the CIC Call Centre.
The Department cautions that while the Wizard will help potential newcomers navigate the process, it is for information purposes only and does not replace the formal immigration applications that must be submitted.
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