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Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate remains lowest in Canada

Read it on Global News: Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate remains lowest in Canada 

Photo Credit: Brian Snyder , Reuters
Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate remains the lowest in Canada, according to the latest survey from Statistics Canada. 
The August unemployment rate in the province was 4.5 per cent, a drop of 0.4 per cent from July and down 0.3 per cent from the same period last year. 
“Our unemployment rate is by far the lowest in Canada and less than half the unemployment rate in the U.S.,” said Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister Rob Norris. “While other places are struggling with high unemployment, our unemployment rate keeps going down.” 
There was a decrease of 3,200 in the number of people working in the province from August 2010, a trend the NDP calls “worrisome.” 
“To have stagnant job growth in Saskatchewan while Alberta’s labour market is booming is worrisome because we will likely end up exporting many of our unemployed to our neighbouring province,” said Cam Broten, the NDP critic for Education, Employment and Immigration. 
Alberta has added 87,500 jobs from one year ago. 
Full-time employment in the province also reached an all-time high of 454,300, breaking the previous record set in July. 
In Saskatoon, the unemployment rate was 5.1 per cent, a drop of 0.3 per cent from July, the fourth lowest rate for a metropolitan area in the country. 
Regina and Guelph had the lowest unemployment rate at 4.7 per cent and Quebec City was at 4.8 per cent. 
Nationally, the unemployment rate rose slightly to 7.3 per cent in August. 

Read it on Global News: Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate remains lowest in Canada 

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